Primal Studios Ltd. creates high quality unisex games for any age, which we push to release on all platforms.


We believe in the positivity that games can bring into one’s life. We see that games can play an important role in the psychological development of an individual and want to use this to spread positive morals and values.


We want to be a company that creates and launches a new franchise worthy game on an annual basis for the casual market and competitive gaming industry. We want to increase product awareness, which is one of the most important things, while targeting the above mentioned markets. This shouldn’t only be a local awareness of the product, but rather global awareness.


Hardware changes globally on an annual basis. Companies try to make devices better in order to be able to support better entertainment for its users. Our projects are very adaptable to the fast moving markets, in which we are situated. We can rapidly bridge our projects to newer or different platforms. Apart from the fast changing hardware, which we depend on; we are also in the entertainment industry, which releases new content on a daily basis. To avoid becoming repetitive or follow in someone’s footsteps, Primal Studios Ltd. does extensive research before committing to a new project.



Project Manager


Hi there! My name is Alexandre Saleh, but you can go ahead and call me Alex. I am the creative director and project manager for Jelly Jellies.

It’s been an honor working with the international team. This has been a very educational experience for me. I have gotten a larger respect for the entertainment industry overall, because I finally realized, while developing Jelly Jellies, that it takes a lot of time and effort to make a good product.

Jelly Jellies is an amazing game and I hope it will rank amongst the top games on the app stores. This way I can continue to support the game and expand on its franchise capabilities.

You can find me on Facebook here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Alexandre
You can send me an email at: alexandresaleh@primalstudioz.com
Art Director


Hey there, I’m Megan. Art Director for Jelly Jellies.

"A story once popped into my head and I made a couple of drawings. And this led to the creation of the main art style of this game."



Hey! I’m Arjen, a recently graduated game artist and the animator for Jelly Jellies.

It’s been a great and unique experience working with the Jelly Jellies team, getting to see professionals from across the world do their thing. Not only that, but the project has also given me a lot of valuable work experience and is helping me improve my skills as an animator.

I have high hopes for Jelly Jellies and expect it to be a big hit with the audience. I hope to continue supporting the project throughout its lifecycle, before and after its release.

You can find my portfolio and social media here:

Portfolio: www.arjendehaan.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArjensArt
Twitter: twitter.com/Arjen_Design
3-D Artist


Hi there, I’m Alexey. I’m a 3-D artist.

Since my childhood, I wanted to create games and architectural models. I’ve tried a lot of different things, but in the end, I started to focus more on games.

I like to create non-existent and partially existing worlds, to follow up with my imagination.

Game development is the next step after the movie industry. This makes me focus on learning about human perception and behavioral motives. This plays a major role in understanding how objects can react and should react in the 3D world.

In addition, my other hobbies include research in history, watching tech/science programs along with design and fashion.

You can send me an email at: daefractus@mail.ru or my secondary daefractus@gmail.com
Portfolio: https://www.daefractus.artstation.com
Motion Graphics Artist


Hi there! My name is Dmitry.

I worked as the motion graphics artist on the project Jelly Jellies. Jelly Jellies is the most challenging and interesting project I’ve had the liberty to tackle in my life. This was a very large project and seemed difficult to accomplish at first. It was a pleasure to work on it, along with the international team.

Art Designer


Hi there, I’m Ekaterina.

This project is an interesting experience for me.

Our team consists of people from different backgrounds and countries. It is interesting and educational to encounter so many international people.

Everyone brought a piece of themselves to the project and we hope you will enjoy traveling in our little world of Jelly Jellies.

Art Designer


Hi there, I’m Anna.

Jelly Jellies is a very interesting project for me.

This project allowed me to get a lot of experience in working with the team.

2-D Artist


Hi, I’m Ana, and I’m passionate about creating games.

Last 2 years I was studying to become a 2-D artist and looking for job in game development.
When I met Jelly Jellies I decided to do at least something to help this cool project. (We’ll definitely be as cool as King)
Also I’m still looking for some work and experience as a 2-D artist, so here is my portfolio:


Web Developer


Hi, I’m Ryan, web developer for Primal Studios and Jelly Jellies.

It’s been a fun experience working with the current team.

Marketing Manager


I have experience in marketing and media productions.

Things I have done: Sound editing, Camera, Directing, Video editing, Photography, Photo editing/retouch, Graphic design and Web development. As part of the Jelly Jellies team and Primal Studios I will give it my all to see Jelly Jellies reach its full potential.

Feel free to contact me for questions regarding our projects: sinnaq@primalstudioz.com

Sound Composer


Hi! I’m Nick van Kleef, a sound designer and game audio fanatic from the Netherlands.

I love working for Primal Studios’ new game Jelly Jellies as it’s a perfect blend of challenging and fun.

Working on Jelly Jellies has brought out pure creativity and the development team is extremely talented and nice people to boot! I’m looking forward to what the future holds for this game company.

Sound Composer


I’m Ruben, composer and 50% of Runic Sounds, the audio duo working on Jelly Jellies.

It’s a blast to be a part of this motivated international team, where quality is always 100% priority.

Jelly Jellies has allowed me to go nuts in the - underwater - world of Caribbean music, a great experience as I love to dive into new perspectives, musically and culturally.



Jelly Jellies


Jelly Jellies

Jelly Jellies is a Match-3 puzzle game. The game focuses on a narrative, which unfolds with each passing level. . . .

BMA award

Jelly Jellies

Jelly Jellies is a Match-3 puzzle game.

The game’s mechanics are very similar to the ones of other Match-3 puzzle games, but we do integrate new and exciting modes.

The game focuses on a narrative, which unfolds with each passing level. You are the player in the game that needs to help get the ocean back to its original clear blue state, by ridding the ocean of polluted jellies that have been excreted by the jelly jellyfish.

Visit the official: Jelly Jellies website.

BMA award

Winner of 2018 July Awards - Best Designed Mobile App read more..

More coming soon........


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